Feasibility Study for Weather Indexed Crop Insurance (WICI) Scheme – Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program

Apr 6, 2014

Description of Project:

Initially the consultant raised awareness of the key stakeholders including the decision makers within Rice-SDP9, in order to establish a basic understanding about the principles and the regional experience of crop insurance. Weather data collection, analysis and monitoring infrastructure and capacity includes assessment of the current status of weather data and monitoring infrastructure and operational capacity and the reliability and quality of weather data. This included an assessment of the density, security, and quality of the weather station network, including an assessment of the existence and operational capability of the existing network of automated stations that report daily to a central Meteorology (MET) Node and are linked to World Meteorology Organization/ Global Telecommunication System (WMO/GTS), in case such a link exists. Based on the assessment, recommendations will be made to upgrade the network, if needed, to a standard necessary for the operation of Weather Indexed Crop Insurance (WICI).


Finance & Risk; Agriculture




Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Cambodia; Asian Development Bank (ADB)