ADB PPTA-8128 BAN: Preparing Coastal Towns Infrastructure Improvement

Apr 20, 2015

Description of Project

The outcome of the project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) for the BAN: Preparing the Coastal Towns Infrastructure Improvement Project is a feasibility study and a project design with preliminary engineering that the government and ADB have agreed upon. The consultants will propose the project design for the ensuing project including rationale, financing and institutional arrangements, detailed costs and benefits, feasibility study of subprojects, pro-poor and gender features, governance strengthening, operation and maintenance arrangements, and conduct safeguards assessments in close consultation with relevant stakeholders including the government, development partners, project communities, and ADB. A key feature of the TA is to incorporate the recommendations from the ongoing CDTA 7890 Strengthening the Resilience of the Urban Water Supply, Drainage, and Sanitation to Climate Change in Coastal Towns, as well as lessons learned from other relevant urban work, including the ADB supported Urban Governance Infrastructure Improvement Project (UGIIP) and Secondary Towns Water Supply Project. The team is expected to work closely with the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), the executing agency, in enhancing project readiness and contribute to smooth start-up of the ensuing loan, as well as work closely with the detailed design consultants funded under a Project Design Advance (PDA), who will overlap with the PPTA in undertaking advanced preparatory actions such as detailed design work, safeguards finalization, and bidding document preparation.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

To support the lead firm in undertaking socioeconomic surveys and data collection, conduct meaningful consultations with project-affected people for drafting the social safeguard documents, including Resettlement Plans and Indigenous Peoples Plans; also to support in data collection, meaningful consultations with project-affected people and other works for helping in drafting the environment safeguard documents.




Infrastructure & Transport; Social and Economic Development; 




Asian Development Bank