ADB TA 42173-014 BAN: Strengthening Monitoring and Enforcement in the Meghna River for Dhaka’s Sustainable Water Supply

Dec 27, 2020

Description of Project:

The objective of the assignment is to assist the government in strengthening the monitoring and enforcement mechanism for Meghna River to ensure long-term water security of Dhaka city. Specific outputs will include: (i) developing water pollution mapping, and strengthening monitoring and reporting system in the relevant section of the proposed intake locations of Meghna River; (ii) developing an incentive or reward system on a pilot basis for pollution control; (iii) identifying an Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) in Meghna River and preparing for designation; and (iv) undertaking training programs for the relevant government officers and organizations to perform their obligations


e.Gen as the Joint Venture (JV) Partner covered the following outputs of the TA and their deliverables:

Output 1: Water pollution mapping developed, and monitoring and reporting system strengthened in the relevant section of Meghna River

Output 2: Incentive or reward system for pollution control piloted

Output 3. Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) identified and prepared for designation.

Output 4: Training programs completed.


Environment and Natural Resources; Infrastructure




Asian Development Bank (ADB)


2015 – 2017