ADB TA-9628 BAN: Solar PV Power Investment Plan – Capacity Development for Renewable Energy Investment Programming and Implementation

Dec 6, 2019

Description of Project:

The Government of Bangladesh has set a target of achieving 10% of power generation from renewable energy by 2021. With Bangladesh showing an enormous potential in solar energy, this feasibility study project will assess the potential of floating solar photovoltaic power generation in Bangladesh. The broad objective of the project is to facilitate the renewable energy uptake in Bangladesh. The broad objective of the project is to facilitate the renewable energy uptake in Bangladesh. Specific objectives of the project are provided below:

  • Feasibility study for assessing potential of floating solar PV power in Bangladesh
  • Grid Impact Assessment
  • Updating grid code and preparing operational guidelines
  • Institutional capacity strengthened

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Conducting due diligence and analysis to assess countrywide potential of solar PV power projects.
  • Technical, financial, economic and safeguard due diligence will be conducted as part of the feasibility study. Feasibility study will identify sub-projects those are feasible for public private investment.
  • Identify suitable project sites for deployment of wind, biomass, other renewable energy resources.
  • Develop commercially viable business models that can be readily replicated and scaled up.
  • Grid impact assessment will be carried out by using appropriate software and analytical tools to check the impact of renewable intake on the selected sites.
  • Officials from the PGCB will be trained on how to conduct grid impact assessment.
  • Based on the power system analysis, updated grid code and relevant guideline will be proposed.
  • Help address the necessary grid code updates, specifically automatic frequency control, voltage control, economic dispatching, cross-country interconnections, tariff structures to incentivize generators for grid frequency and power factor control, and demand forecasting and generation planning (including prescribing penalties for noncompliance).
  • Training and capacity development support will be provided to the relevant power agencies. Trainings will be provided on advanced technologies, floating solar system and business model development.


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