The Assessment of International Development Grant Applications and Evaluation of International Development Programmers

Jan 1, 2009

Description of Project:

The overall programme themes are: Civil society development & governance/ sustainable economic development/ Health/ Education but with a greater focus within and across those strands on the following cross-cutting themes: Vocational training and education/ gender issues and equality/ enterprise development/ human rights & civil society development.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

The Government is looking to put a call out for applications to the South Asia Programme. When the call goes out, there will be a 6 week period for applications followed by a 3 week period in which all applications will be assessed. Applications to this fund must meet the general theme of sustainable economic development. There are 2 types of funding available:

1) Maximum of £15k over 6 months for smaller, innovative or pilot projects

2) Maximum of £300k over 2.5 years for larger projects.

e.Gen’s team of experts are responsible for assessing applications and try as much as possible to match technical knowledge to applications.



Social and Economic Development




Scottish Government Fund