Biogas Generation and Demand Survey in Bangladesh

Dec 1, 2014

Description of Project

This study: ‘Biogas Emission and Demand Survey in Bangladesh’ was conducted to explore the untapped market of biogas based power generation and distribution potentials. To our understanding the objectives of this assignments was to quantify potential size of the biogas and biogas fired power  market in Bangladesh by conducting both demand side and supply side study, explore financials of  biogas  and  biogas  generated  products  and  to  identify  relevant  technical,  financial  and  institutional  risks  of  executing  biogas projects. Four market researches were conducted under this project:

  1. Biogas Potential Market Research: Major outputs of this research were potential number of biogas customer, expected selling price of per unit of biogas, willingness to pay for biogas generated power supply
  2. Biogas Potential Manufacture Research: Potential number and size (cubic meter) of biogas suppliers and potentials of biogas were based on power generations (KwH),
  3. Biogas Potential Supply Chain Research: Potential number of customers to buy biogas delivered condensed gas cylinder, expected selling price of biogas cylinder
  4. Risks Identification and Implementation: Technical, Financial and Institutional risks associated with biogas generated power projects

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Preliminary desk review was conducted
  • Prepared qualitative and quantitative questionnaire for the household and farm owners
  • Training and Team Mobilization
  • Conducted countrywide survey, FGDs and Key Informant Interview
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Recommended on key findings
  • Provided with strategic advisory, quality assurance and support






          Energy and Power




          Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)