Capacity Development of the Department of Land Records and Surveys and Modernization of Cadastral Maps’ Storing, Preserving and Retrieval System Project (DLRS)

Jan 1, 2013

Description of Project:

Department of Land Records and Surveys (DLRS) is responsible for the preparation, production and supply of cadastral (Mouza) maps and boundary strip maps. DLRS’s Record maintains all cadastral maps being created through the CS, SA and RS operations since late nineteenth century. At present, there are about 1,15,000 (one lakh and fifty thousand) Mouza map present, which were originally drawn on P70 sheets (opaque gray paper) measuring about 23”X31”. There are also other maps, being created by DLRS, such as the Thana map, District Map, Country and International boundary strip maps, which are drawn and printed on varying sizes of paper, can be from 23’X31” up to 36”X48” in size. Approximately, there are 3,000 (three thousand) such map sheets available in DLRS Record room.

The objective of this assignment is to create a Digital Archive of about 1,15,000 CS, SA and RS mouza map sheets by building a database of map image using high-precision scanning and imaging technology, which will be maintained under an appropriately designed and custom-built Digital Cadastral Map Archive Management Software System.

The Digital Archive must be designed in such a way that under this Assignment, it will be established in DLRS Record Room, but later on it can also be deployed to 61 District’s Deputy commissioner’s Record Rooms.

Objective including the tasks are technical specifications, expected output prescribed technology and methodology (where appropriate) are described are as follows:

  • Development, deployment, maintenance and technical support of Cadastral storing, preserving & retrieval system software [Digital Cadastral Map (Mouza Map) Management Software.
  • Scanning of Mouza Map Sheets (CS, SA & RS)
  • Development and Deployment of Digital Cadastral Map (Mouza Map) Archive with the Management Software at DLRS Record Room.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

e.Gen implemented this project which involves Development, Deployment, maintenance and technical support of Cadastral storing, preserving & retrieval system software, Back-end database (MS SQL Server or Oracle or PostgreSQL of similar RDBMS), Applications interface: Desktop and Web-based application, Security/access control, Documentation and Manual. e.Gen is developing and providing a blue-print design of the Digital Cadas Archive Management solution with detailed specifications of the required ICT infrastructure Computer servers, hardware and system & Database software network connections essential to securely host and to provide uninterrupted and fast access to the map both DLRS’ internal users as well as to the general public.

[Note: this Assignment does NOT include the task of deploying the Digital Archive to 61 District’s Deputy Commissioner’s Record Rooms.]

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