Consultancy Services for Environmental Assessment and Management Training

Apr 10, 2005

Description of Project:

The project is undertaken to establish a program and develop practices that will best address environmental and social concerns of the rural electrification program including power line and substation construction, SHS (Solar Home System) installation and operation and malignance of all such assets.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

  • Identification of the nature of the environmental and societal impacts of REB’s electric distribution line and substation and preparation of suitable procedures and methodologies to best address these concerns.
  • Undertaking a general survey on the 67 PBS and existing electrification works to ascertain the ecologically sensitive areas, environmental issues that may impact the development/expansion of rural electrification in selected areas and recommend environmentally and socially acceptable yet affordable mitigation measures for the problems identified.
  • Development of procedures and assessment templates for mitigation of adverse impacts and preparation of Environmental Management Plans. Train REB and PBS staff on general concepts with regard to environmental management tools. Preparation of detailed Environmental and Social Appraisal Manual, which outlines the environmental and social appraisal procedures for the rural electrification sector.



Social and Economic Development, energy and Power




The World Bank, Rural Electrification Board