Consulting Services for Urban Building Safety Project

Sep 5, 2018

Description of Project:

Description of Project: Urban Building Safety Project is to strengthen the building safety in Urban Cities by financing loans for building safety for private buildings through Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), and by improving the building safety for public buildings, thereby contributing to improvement of the social vulnerability of urban cities. Capacity Development of Bangladesh Bank (BB) and PFIs is also one of the scopes of the Project which indicates to strengthen the managerial and technical capacity of Bangladesh Bank and PFIs to achieve the efficient and proper preparation and implementation of the project, especially on Two Step Loan (TSL) for RMG sector financing.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The following services will be provided:

1)           Project Management of TSL

2)           Capacity development for TSL Lending

3)           Promotion Activities of the Project

4)           Monitoring and Evaluation activities of TSL

5)           Environmental Management

6)           Coordination with PWD-PIU and its Consultant

Considering the features of fund implementation of Urban Building Safety Project (UBSP): (i) high frequency of financing operation under which PFIs can apply for financing twice a month; (ii) dual modes of financing comprised of refinancing and pre-financing; (iii) fast turnover of financing under which BB disburses the funds within two weeks of the applications submitted, the Consultant shall execute following services. The Consultant will propose additional services which are beneficial for implementation of UBSP


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