Follow up Survey: Socio-Economic Monitoring & Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Program

Aug 1, 2008

Description of Project:

Alternate Narrative: (This end-line panel survey captured the socioeconomic impact of rural electrification and renewable energy project using double difference method. Survey covered 12,384 sampling units in 453 villages throughout all divisions of Bangladesh (7,352 households; 1,979 commercial; 1,059 industrial; 1,884 irrigation) retraced from 2005 baseline survey data. e.Gen designed M&E framework and appropriate survey methodology for comprehensive evaluation; prepared survey instruments; collected data; processed data; conducted econometric analysis; validated findings through qualitative method (transect walk, FGD, Participatory Rural Approach); submitted final report with findings and recommendations.). Developed key indicators and monitoring framework.

Consumption data, transmission loss,

 Develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework and methodology for evaluating and measuring socio-economic, and gender-related impact of rural electrification projects; and to adapt this methodology to a project-specific context, in this case the International Development Association (IDA) financed Rural Electrification And Renewable Energy Development Project.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

  • Retrace 2005 survey units.
  • Develop a survey design, and sample design for M&E study and train PBS staff.
  • Develop a questionnaire design for impact study.
  • Develop an appropriate sample design for the impact study.
  • Conduct resurvey for impact study.
  • Implement a qualitative survey.
  • Implement entry, cleaning and processing of the collected data.




Social and Economic Development, Energy and Power




The World Bank, Rural Electrification Board (REB)