Palm Oil Industry Supply Chain Development Program in Nigeria

Aug 1, 2008

Description of Project:

The primary objective of the Abia State Palm Oil Industry Supply Chain Development Programme was to improve value addition by and competitiveness of MSMEs in palm oil production by identifying constraints which when addressed will result in significant and sustainable impact in terms of growth and the creation of more productive, better paid jobs.

Description of actual services provided by e.Gen within the assignment:

The responsibilities included:

  • Developing and agreeing with key stakeholders in the industry, NIPC and the PMU, a value chain development plan that will deliver the objectives of the program
  • Designing and delivering each specific activity identified in the value chain development plan
  • Identifying and assisting stakeholders to bring in and forge new partnerships with other donors, finance institutions inter alia, to ensure the successful implementation of the VC development plan;
  • Selecting and contracting international and local specialists and service providers as needed
  • Managing a system of providing performance grants to BDS providers in line with guidelines established by the PMU
  • Developing and implementing a monitoring and evaluation system for the programme; and (vii) in cooperation with other donor programmes, facilitation of public-private dialogue on a suitable policy environment for palm oil in Abia and nationally.


Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources; Social and Economic Development




The World Bank, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC)