Operationalizing the Urban Resilience Unit (URU) in RAJUK – Component C1

Dec 5, 2019

Description of Project:

The objective of the engagement is to put in place the institutional infrastructure and competency to reduce long-term disaster vulnerability in Dhaka. It would address both the existing built environment as well as future development. The key output will be supporting the development of the organization within RAJUK and the Urban Resilience Unit (URU) to mobilize DRM mainstreaming and improving Dhaka urban resilience. Core to the success and implementation of component C of the Bangladesh Urban Resilience Project (URP) is institutional strengthening by the creation of a new organizational unit in RAJUK and termed as the Urban Resilience Unit (URU). In addition to technical and scientific competencies, URU will have the laboratory and field equipment to undertake various structural and soil tests for determining and assessing the condition and capacities of building elements and the geo-technical environment. These include destructive and non-destructive in-situ testing and lab testing. This will provide essential data for tracking construction quality and establishing norms and standards to improve construction.

Description of actual services provided by e.Gen within the assignment

The Consultant is responsible for delivering an inception report that proposes how these operations of the project will be developed, validated, implemented, and sustained in the long term. Upon agreement with RAJUK’s PIU on the inception report, the Consultant will engage into the project itself and deliver the following outputs under following operations:

Operation 1: Institutional design and Organizational Study

Operation 2: Design, conduct and assess a community out-reach campaign

Operations 3: Training and Capacity building to URU staff






RAJUK; World Bank