ADB LOAN 2966-BAN: Power System Expansion and Efficiency Improvement Investment Program – Tranche 3 Preparation Consultants

Jun 1, 2015

Description of Project

Power Cell under Power Division of Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources is assigned the responsibility of conducting due diligence on Tranche 3 of the Power System Expansion and Efficiency Improvement Investment Program funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). With supports of ADB, Power Cell has recruited e.Gen Consultants Ltd. as Tranche 3 preparation consulting firm in accordance with ADB Guidelines on the Use of Consultants.

Description of actual services provided by the Consultants:

e.Gen managed its team of consultants to carry out the following tasks:

  • Identify potential sub projects and prioritize them;
  • Conduct feasibility assessment on those prioritized sub projects in consultation with the government and ADB;
  • Prepare cost estimates, implementation schedules, contracting and implementation arrangements and identify suitable procurement packages;
  • Prepare procurement capacity assessments of the implementing agencies;
  • Prepare environmental impact assessment (EIA) or initial environmental examination (IEE) as appropriate, and involuntary resettlement plan (RP) and indigenous people’s plan (IPP), as well as Summary of Poverty Reduction and Social Strategy (SPRSS);
  • Prepare risk management plan;
  • Recommend policy, investment, and capacity building and institutional needs in relation to power sector development;
  • Assist the ADB project team and the government in preparing relevant sections of the Periodic Financing Request Report (PFR) to the ADB Management and
  • Preparing interim and final reports on the preparation.




Energy and Power




Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Bangladesh; Asian Development Bank (ADB)