ADB TA 8818 PAK: Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program II – Project Preparation for MFF and Tranche 1

Nov 30, 2015

Description of Project

The project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) required conductance of due diligence for the MFF and tranche 1.  Tranche 1 was expected to include 4 to 6 sub-projects, consisting of new the rehabilitation, augmentation and expansion of transmission lines, substations and supporting Infrastructure.

The main objective of the PPTA was to:

  1. Prepare the multi-tranche financing facility (MFF) of the Power Transmission Investment Program II and its first tranche; and
  2. Assist the executing agency to undertake advance procurement.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  1. Undertook due diligence on the MFF as well as the project (Tranche 1) impact, outcome, scope, cost, schedule and implementation arrangements;
  2. Conducted technical, economic, financial and social assessment of the project;
  3. Prepared the facility administration manual (FAM), risk assessment and risk mitigation plans, procurement plan, bidding documents and technical specifications as required;
  4. Undertook financial management assessment of NTDC;
  5. Prepared a social and poverty analysis, including gender;
  6. Reviewed and updated the MFF roadmap, strategic context, policy framework, investment program and interventions, financing plan, undertakings, reporting requirements and monitoring, evaluating, and measuring results;
  7. Prepared a capacity development plan covering, as a minimum, financial management, regulatory relations and procurement capacity;
  8. Prepared a project feasibility study in the format required by the Government for its internal approval (this may include assisting with PC-1 preparation);
  9. Prepared the bidding documents, and assist NTDC to complete the bid evaluations




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