ADB PPTA-8597-BAN: Preparing the SASEC Railway Connectivity Investment Program

Jan 1, 2016

Description of Project

A thorough review and update of the current Master Plan to incorporate the latest government transportation policies and strategic plans that directly impact on BR including Dual gauge conversion, economic development, and multimodal integration.

  • Assessment of the rolling stock would directly follow the Master Plan so that fleet requirements, phase-wise could be translated into rolling stock acquisition plans and maintenance workload.
  • Assessment of the track and permanent way maintenance would also align with the revised Master Plan development blueprint.
  • Establishing a Research and Development wing at BR would be evaluated

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Module 1 – Updating the Railway Master Plan

  • Task 1.1- Reviewed existing studies and assessed current situation
  • Task 1.2- Conducted Surveys and Updated Rail Traffic Volumes and Flows
  • Task 1.3- Identification/Updating of New Opportunities for Bangladesh Railway
  • Task 1.4- Reviewed, Revised, and Prioritized Corridor Development Plans
  • Task 1.5 – Updated Rolling Stock Requirement, Developd Implementation Plan and Costs for Gauge Unification Strategy

Module 2 – Rolling Stock Sector Strategy, Investment and Organization Plan

  • Task 2.1 – Assessed Rolling Stock Maintenance Sector and Maintenance Workload
  • Task 2.2- Determined Maintenance Facilities, Staffing & Skills Requirements
  • Task 2.3 – Assessed Avenues of Restructuring and Outsourcing
  • Task 2.4 – Developed Projected Maintenance Operating Budget

Module 3 – Track & Permanent Way Sector Strategy, Investment & Organization Plan

  • Task 3.1 – Assessed Current Track and Permanent Way Maintenance Sector
  • Task 3.2 – Reviewed Current Work Methods, Workload and Equipment
  • Task 3.3 – Developed Phased Mechanization Strategy
  • Task 3.4 – Determined Maintenance Facilities, Staffing & Training Requirements
  • Task 3.5 – Assessed Organization Structure and Avenues of Outsourcing

Module 4 – Assessment of Research & Development Wing at BR

  • Task 4.1 – Assessed Merits of a Research & Development Wing for BR
  • Task 4.2 – Benchmarked International R&D Practices
  • Task 4.3 – Prepared Organization Structure, Responsibilities and Staffing Plan




Transport & Infrastructure




Asian Development Bank (ADB); Ministry of Railway, Government of Bangladesh