Survey on English Language Testing Needs

Feb 1, 2011

Description of Project:

e-Gen was involved in the following activities:

  • Country Basic Information – Total population, rural/urban and gender breakdown of population, literacy rates, GDP volume, GDP breakdown by sector, GDP growth rate, unemployment rates, per capita income, inflation, exchange rate, medium of instruction, etc.
  • Total enrolment in academic institutions, public as well as private, (separately for pre-primary, primary, middle, high, college, university) for last three years.
  • Total number of teachers (separately for pre-primary, primary, middle, high, college, university)
  • List of academic Institutions and their Key Characteristics with major players (according to enrolment, ranking, etc.)
  • Corporate Organizations and Key Characteristics with major players (based on turnover or employment – to be discussed) along with medium of communication.
  • Competitor Landscaping and Analysis (with focus on competitor USPs)
  • Market Enablers and Barriers in English Language Testing

Description of Services Provided

    • Selected sample institutions for interviews split between academic institutions and corporate sector companies, public and private both, in Bangladesh.
    • Shared the sample list with the Lead Firm for review and approval.
    • Scheduled and lined up the interviews
    • Conducted face-to-face interviews distributed among the capital city plus 2 additional cities in Bangladesh.
    • Recorded interviews and transcribe major findings by question
    • Submitted filled questionnaires typed in MSWORD format on a weekly basis
    • Coordinated with the Lead Firm about the progress update
    • Submitted report


Social and Economic Development, Education




British Council