System Loss Reduction of Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited

Mar 1, 2014

Description of Project:

The main objective of the project was to improve operational and distribution performance of two marketing areas of the Company through reduction of System Loss or unaccounted for gas. Main target of this project was to reduce the system loss of two isolated non bulk sales areas (Area-1: Narayanganj, Fatullah, Munshiganj & Area-2: Sonargaon) of the Company’s operational system to an acceptable limit of 2%) or less gradually by 2010 from the recent level of around 22%..

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Reviewed the Target and Actual Progress status of various components of the project as per revised DPP and reasons for any short fall
  • Examined whether the procurement process (Invitation of tender, evaluation of tender, approval procedures, contract awards etc) of the packages (goods, works and services) under this project was done following PPR’2008/donor’s procurement guidelines. The consultant will be required to analyze these procurement related functions based on predetermined indicators
  • Assessed impact of installation of meters with EVC, and comprehensive System Loss Reduction Plan (SLRP) on instant calibration of industrial meters, as well as reduction in pilferage of gas, and conservation of energy
  • Assessed effectiveness of the Revised Time Bound Action Program (RTAP) in analyzing the factors causing system loss and their relative importance and in apportioning the percentages of losses for each factor
  • Assessed impacts of various foundation and specialized training on skill development of the TGTDCL personnel in conducting gas operation and distribution performance etc
  • Scrutinized the main recommendations by experts/consultants relating to improvements of system operation and control of operational loses
  • Carried out SWOT analysis to identity in-built strengths and probable opportunities as well as internal weaknesses and external threats towards improvement of operational and distribution performance
  • Provided recommendations to reduce system loss to the desired level, and to indentify the best practices for replication and assess the implementation status in other project areas.

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Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED), Ministry of Planning, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh               


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