Consulting Services for Collection and Upload of Data and Implementation of National Trade Portal of Bangladesh

Dec 1, 2014

Description of Project

The target of the NTPB is to make all regulatory trade related information and other information useful to Bangladeshi importers and exporters easily and readily available in a single integrated website. The aim is to provide transparency and predictability of trade procedures and, in doing so, increase the compliance level and reduce the cost of doing business for the trade.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Along with the lead firm consultant team, assisted and undertook the following:

  • Assisted development of the Web Portal through uploading 187 Legal & SROs documents, uploading 37 forms, creating 37 process diagrams, 44 measures and standards, 155 information pages, and 1,000 web page contents.
  • Conducted two-day training, arranged orientation, visioning and validation workshops.
  • Developed appropriate user guidelines and technical guidelines.
  • Established Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Prepared a baseline evaluation brief for the project, and is undertaking a baseline study to identify awareness of the audience, to realize their expectations from the portal, and to assess benefits to be derived from the use of the portal.






        Information and Communication Technology




        Ministry of Commerce; IFC , Government of Bangladesh