Value Chain Analysis for Market Development and Dissemination of PicoPV (Solar Lantern)

Nov 1, 2014

Description of Project

The project was the first installment of the GIZ-IFC joint initiative in Bangladesh for the Lighting Bangladesh Programme, a chapter of Lighting Global and Lighting Asia by IFC. This project was funded by GIZ’s Sustainable Energy for Development (SED) Phase III in Bangladesh. The findings and recommendations emanating from the study was intended to provide insights for the development of a comprehensive market entry strategy for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of off-grid lighting products and solutions, seeking to serve the Bangladesh market.

Data Collection: Focus Group Discussion, Thanchi, Bandarban, January 2015

Data Collection: Focus Group Discussion, Thanchi, Bandarban, January 2015[/caption]

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The team had been tasked to deliver the complete Value Chain Analysis of a new product PicoPV (Solar Lantern). Throughout the project:

  • The team ascertained the prevalence of the most common lighting options
  • Carried out a baseline study, provided detailed value chain scenarios and distribution channel analysis
  • Mapped the off-grid products value chain
  • Determined the key constraints and challenges that would be encountered in optimizing the current supply chain/s

In order to do this, the team

  • Conducted a thorough literature review of the current market and regulatory situation
  • Undertook a data collection phase of a sample size of approx. 350 representative of the value actors using tools like Key Informant Interviews
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • One-on-One snowball interviews

During the data collection phase, the team also built up a database of key players involved in the value chain. The analysis included:

  • Analysis of Product/ Distribution Flow
  • Analysis of the End-Market Preferences
  • Analysis of similar BOP products reaching the last mile
  • Recommendation on Optimum Market Entry Channel Strategies
  • Develop a database of key players

In the end, the team presented to the client a Presentation of Findings for the purpose of knowledge dissemination.sentation of Findings for the purpose of knowledge dissemination.

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